Bracket Busters

With March Madness only a week away, it’s time to review some teams you should watch out for.

1. Oklahoma State:

OK state

Oklahoma State has had a great season and beat some big opponents like Kansas, Memphis and Colorado.  OSU averages 89 points in games against Colorado, Memphis, Texas and Kansas.  If the tournament started today, OSU would face New Mexico which is a good basketball team.  If I were you, I would choose a winner carefully when it comes to this match. OSU is a lower seed right now but they could pull off a win and ruin your bracket.

2. North Dakota State:

ND state

This team is a big one to watch when it comes to upsets.  If the tournament started today North Dakota would face Connecticut.  Connecticut is a tough school with multiple tournament apperances.  They have a good coach and know how to win tough games.  This is a team that could pull a NIT type of bracket bust but it’ll be hard against Connecticut.  It’s a tough call and I feel like this is an iffy one but I would pick North Dakota State to win the first couple rounds in the tourney.

3. Southern Methodist

NCAA Basketball: Southern Methodist at Memphis

Southern Methodist is a bomb just waiting to blow up the courts during March Madness.  This team has 23 wins and 6 losses.  Something to note about this is that they lost to some low teams during the regular season.  This team has a dynamic coach but things get tight during the tournament.  I would have them win the first round but I wouldn’t have them going very far.


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